Roll Out Kit


Our number one seller.  This is a bomb first aid kit.  There is not one piece of unusable gear inside this bag.  Based on the jump bag we used for Basic Life Support at the fire department.  This kit would retail for over $200.00 online.

Bring it home for $110.00

Inventory List

Pocket Mask


Correct use of a pocket mask will facilitate proper airway management. Comes with a carry case and it is compatible with a Bag Valve Mask


CPR Key Chain


Don't be caught unawares.  This disposable key chain makes sure that you are ready no matter where you are.  


Phillips Defibrillator


This is the cavalry.  More lives are saved due to early CPR and defibrillation than ever before.  Call for pricing!

Fire Escape Ladders


Keep your family safe by having an alternate way of escaping a fire. 

2 storie ladder $65.00

3 storie ladder $85.00

Books and replacement cards


OSS Student Manual $13.00

AHA Student Manual $15.00

Replacement for lost card$15.00